Goodwill Ambassadors & Testimonials

Rahul Dravid
A role model for our younger generation, our goodwill ambassador, Rahul Dravid has inspired CMCA children to become Active Citizens! Rahul has been a valued supporter of CMCA for more than a decade, acting in our films, participating in our fundraisers – “An Evening of Cricket with Rahul Dravid and Harsha Bhogle”& The Joy of Giving Festival, attending CMCA events and signing motivational certificates and caps for our active citizens!

CMCA is very grateful to Rahul Dravid for his belief in our cause and in the CMCA program!

Ramesh Aravind

Popular South Indian film director and actor, Ramesh Arvind has been our supporter for more a decade. Scripted and directed by Ramesh, the CMCA film “Ofcourse I Want to be an Active Citizen” we often jokingly say, is Ramesh’s longest running HIT BLOCKBUSTER! CMCA members have enjoyed this edutainer in packed school halls for 12 years and the film is still running! Ramesh Arvind supports us in CMCA films, attending events and signing CMCA motivational material.

Always a call away, we thank Ramesh Arvind for his support to CMCA!

Pankaj Advani

World snooker and billiards champion believes that active and responsible children will grow up to be active adult citizens. Pankaj attends CMCA events to encourage children on their journey of active citizenship!

CMCA thanks Pankaj Advani for his support to CMCA.

Other celebrities who support us!

Harsha Bhogle, Raveena Tandon, Prachi Desai, Boman Iran

Testimonials :

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Former President of India

I am delighted to know that Children’s Movement for Civic Awareness is engaged in number of campaigns through School Children to sensitize larger society and immediate surrounding on civic issues like cleanliness, garbage disposal, environment, tree planting and protection. Department of Science and Technology had taken up a programme called ‘Mapping the Neighbourhood’. These maps will enable further the technological community to find solutions for the regeneration of fast disappearing natural sources of water, improving road connectivity, finding better locations for electricity sub- stations with transformer and water distribution points, reducing traffic congestion, improved systems of garbage collection and overall improvement of environment. My greetings to all the participants of Children’s Movement for Civic Awareness success in their mission of promoting a clean green environment in Bangalore region.

Ramesh Aravind Kannada actor

We all love Bangalore, Don’t we? It’s a good city Let’s make it better You & Us – together we can make this transition from ‘good’ to ‘great’ city. A ‘little’ of your time A ‘little’ of your common sense A ‘little’ of your cooperation and loads & loads of your commitment is all that is needed for a cleaner, greener, better Bangalore. Let’s make it the best city on this planet. Lots of love to my co-stars of CMCA

Rahul Dravid Cricketer

I love Bangalore and I’m proud to live in it. Are you? It’s our city – yours and mine. Join me and let’s be part of the solution for Namma Sundara Bengaluru. Join the Children’s Movement for Civic Awareness. Join the civic club today! You can and must make a difference.

Raveena Tandon Bollywood movie star

Greetings to the future of the country! I was honored to be amongst such wonderful kids who know how to care about one’s environment! You kids are doing a fantastic job, but let’s pool in a lot more people from our neighboring buildings. I was told there are almost 2000 of you actively working towards a better Mumbai. If all of us change one more human in our life time and the chain goes on, our problems will slowly get reduced and hopefully we will have a beautiful city. Hope to see you again. I would love to have a session where all you bright students could tell me how you have made a difference to society.

Harsha Bhogle ,Cricket expert

The children have done a fantastic job and have definitely made a difference to society. Kudos to CMCA !”

Shri SM Krishna ,Former Chief Minister of Karnataka

I was very impressed by the poems you have sent me. The students of Frank Anthony School have expressed great deal of maturity in their poems about river Cauvery. The other poem is also very well written. I take this opportunity to congratulate all these young people. It seems CMCA is doing an excellent job in fostering Active Citizenship in children. I wish you all the best in all your future endeavours. I am also directing the worshipful Mayor to meet these young people and felicitate them.