Explore our ever-expanding ecosystem of free plug and play kits which can be used to communicate the important concepts like diversity,equality ,justice etc.The kit is a one stop resource and designed for a broader audience including students, parents, teachers or schools.Insisting on participation and an involved response, there is a considerable emphasis on students running their own campaigns, whether that means a slot in a school assembly or taking on a local issue in their apartments or immediate neighborhood


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Constitution Day -Campaign Kit

This kit can be used by anyone interested in running a campaign on constitution day and can also be used by teachers,parents and schools.This kit which is designed to ensure that our young junior citizens imbibe the letter and spirit of the Constitution and practice its ideals in their daily lives.

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Coexist- Celebrating our religious diversity

This kit elaborates on a value very critical to a country like India – respecting diversity. It encourages deeper introspection on personal values, attitudes and practices and how we relate and manage differences and diversity.

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