What we do

CMCA was founded in the year 2000 as a joint programme of Public Affairs Centre (www.pacindia.org ) and Swabhimana, two Bengaluru based NGO’s. CMCA was launched as a cycle rally with over 3000 school going children cycling from Parade ground to Kanteerava stadium campaigning for a clean, green and safe Bangalore. The energy and enthusiasm of the children quickly saw the movement evolve into summer camps and then into ‘CMCA Clubs’. The ‘CMCA Club’ gained popularity and its impressive growth propelled the two parent organisations to launch CMCA as an autonomous body. CMCA was registered as a Public Charitable Trust on June 15, 2009.

Today, CMCA is a pioneer in the field of Citizenship Education in India which is empowering children and youth to be citizens who are concerned, thinking and active for an inclusive and sustainable society.

The Cause

Empowering children and youth to be active citizens!

CMCA is a 18-year-old non-profit organisation that is a pioneer in Citizenship Education in India. Our mission is to transform young Indians into concerned, thinking and active citizens for an inclusive and sustainable India. We do this by engaging with young people at the grassroots in educational institutions and communities through experiential programs that impart Citizenship values and Life Skills.Simultaneously, we work towards integrating Citizenship Education into educational policies and practices.

Our Strategic Framework

CMCA has two objectives

1.Direct intervention

Empower children and youth with knowledge, skills and competencies for active citizenship


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2.Advocacy & Policy Changes

To integrate and mainstream active citizenship education into current educational policies and practices


CMCA Clubs- The Heart of CMCA

A club is a group of students in each school, who join CMCA. A CMCA volunteer also called an Educator, is assigned to the club and interacts with the children on a weekly basis.

CMCA’s interactive and experiential learning based curriculum has enabled the participants of the program to take ‘civics’ out of the text book and into their daily lives and to their communities. They then spread this awareness through Campaigns and Acts of Active Citizenship.

CMCA children understand that government and citizens are equally responsible for the current state of affairs and have rescued children from child labour, secured their Rights to toilets and other infrastructural facilities by engaging with authority, ensured that schools and classrooms are kept clean, planted saplings, stood up against injustice and fulfilled their responsibilities as active and empowered citizens

Our Reach

CMCA directly engages with 17,000 children and youth in 300 secondary schools across 9 cities –Bengaluru, Mysuru, Mumbai, Nagpur, Hosur, Hubbali-Dharwad, Pune, Thiruvananthapuram ,Panchkula and Delhi and 43 villages across Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and 5 colleges across 3 cities.

Girls constitute over fifty percent of the total number of adolescents CMCA directly engages with.The proportion of boys and girls belonging to marginalized socio-economic strata too constitutes roughly half of the total outreach.

Our Support System

CMCA’s network comprises of its member schools, donors, partners and volunteers who possess an unwavering belief in CMCA’s cause and with whom CMCA shares a long standing relationship built on the premise of mutual trust, transparency and accountability.

Volunteers- Backbone of CMCA

CMCA’s programs are driven by the passion and commitment of 300 volunteers who act as Civic Educators in member schools, epitomizing what CMCA stands for while inspiring students to grow up as active citizens.


  •  Winner of the Namma Bengaluru Award in 2010 (www.nammabengaluruawards.org/awardees.html)
  •  Accredited by Credibility Alliance under Desirable Norms. Accreditation by Credibility Alliance endorses CMCA as a professionally managed credible organization fulfilling high standards of accountability and transparency and rendering high quality and trustworthy services to society at large.
  • Yuva Nagarik Meter in 2015, a pioneering study of democratic citizenship attributes among youth in urban India. A first of its kind for India.
  • The CMCA program is volunteer driven and we won the “ iVolunteer Awards ” 2017 in volunteer engagement.