Conceptualized in 2012, the Campus and Community Yuva  –Life Skills Program is the college counterpart of the CMCA Club Program. The program is a partnership between CMCA and young people for a collective process of learning, reflecting and acting together to bring about DEMOCRATIC SOCIETAL CHANGE while also strengthening LIFE SKILLS which are essential to lead a personally fulfilling life. Still in the incubation stage, it currently engages with students from five colleges and eight rural youth clubs.

Campus Yuva Program: for colleges

The Campus program is an intensive six month course on Active Citizenship introduced in colleges to inculcate in the students the knowledge of rights, obligations, societal values, constitution and leadership roles. The sessions are interactive and experiential which encourage students to express their thoughts on various issues and opportunities for community participation are created. This process of delivery not only imparts civic education but also develops critical skills for active citizenship.



Programme Outline

  • The youth club consists of thirty to forty students
  • Weekly one session of approximately ninety minutes
  • Duration: twenty hours spanning one semester

Course Content

  • Life skills endorsed by World Health Organization
  • Introduction to active citizenship, rights & responsibilities
  • Importance of political participation and voting
  • Engaging with local government
  • Diversity, equality and social justice
  • Community /Campus Audit for broadened understanding of civic governance issues and to provide first-hand experience in problem resolution and engaging with authorities


8Our  Community Yuva  Program organized a silent protest to stop the unplanned government sponsored promotion of Eucalyptus plantations in forests around Tumkur.Over a 100 youth participated to protest and to raise awareness among farmers on Eucalyptus plantations being the major cause of dwindling groundwater resources, loss of soil fertility and replacement of conventional forests in southern Karnataka.As result of the protest, government banned the planting of Eucalyptus trees in Tumkur

Madhushri, St Anne’s College, Bengaluru, contacted the BWSSB (Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board) authorities requesting them to install a new water connection in her neighbourhood.

Laskhmi from Government First Grade College, Tiptur reported a Tea estate at Chikamagalur that employed forty Child Labourers. The issue is currently being investigated by the district commissioner.

Members of Al Ameen College, Bengaluru, invited the Principal to one of their CMCA sessions and submitted a written appeal requesting resolution of problems concerning shortage of dustbins in classrooms, badly maintained toilets, inadequate drinking water facilities and the lack of a sports department. The Principal graciously applauded their efforts and promised to look into the matter.


Our Member Colleges

  1.  St.Anne’s Degree College for Women, Bengaluru
  2.  Al-Ameen Institute of Management Studies, Bengaluru (BBA)
  3.  Al-Ameen Institute of Management Studies, Bengaluru (MBA)
  4.  Government First Grade College, Tiptur, Tumakuru
  5. Union Christian College, Tumakuru
  6. Sri Ranganatha First Grade College, Sira, Tumakuru
  7.  Government First Grade College, Gubbi, Tumakuru
  8. School of Management Studies & Research, Hubli-Dharwad
  9. Mahatma Education Society Night Junior & Degree College for Arts & Commerce, Mumbai

Community Yuva Program: Module for youth in existing rural youth clubs

LeadershipTraining_CYNP_11thOct'15 (2)Community Yuva program is aimed at strengthening and building capacities of rural youth clubs towards nurturing active citizenship amongst members. Workshops on Democracy and Active Citizenship are conducted for leaders of these clubs. The objective of the programme is to train and engage with leaders of existing youth clubs so that they become effective leaders motivating members to participate in community and socio political affairs.

Course Content

  • Introduction to active citizenship, rights & responsibilities, Democracy
  • Gender Equality
  • Difference between Development and Sustainable Development
  • Leadership
  • Interrelation between Self and Society
  • Role of Youth in Panchayat Raj


PanchayatRaj_Workshop (35) LeadershipTraining_CYNP_11thOct'15 (1) CYNP_JotheyaagiSaagoonaProgram (1) CYNP_Vanapreethi_BramhalingeeshevaraYC (8)

The youth clubs conducts various campaigns in the villages across Karnataka .The Community Yuva program  helps in fostering community sense,developing qualities of leadership, inculcating values of democracy in youth  and also to engage with village authorities and local leaders to conduct various programmes to improve the quality of life in villages

Campaigns conducted by the youth clubs

  • Pulse Polio campaigns
  • Hahiru Dhani Program for children (greenery campaign)
  • Career guidance program for SSLC students.
  • Joteyaagi Saagoona Program
  • Vanapreethi-An initiative to increase green cover
  • A workshop on gender equality


Our Member Clubs

  1. Aadarsha Yuvathi Mandali
  2. Belaku Yuva Sangha,
  3. Chiguru Yuvajana Sangha
  4. Guluroor Yuvajana Sangha
  5. Janamukhi Kala Sangha
  6. Kalpataru Yuvajana Sangha
  7. NaadaPrabhu Kempegowda Yuvakara Sangha
  8. RasthraBandhu Yuva Sangha,
  9. Saraswasthi Kala Yuvathi Sangha
  10. Shree Brahmalingeshwara Yuvakara Sangha
  11. Shree Tirumala Yuvakara Sangha
  12. Shree Veerabhadeshwara Yuvajana Sangha
  13. Spoorthi Yuvajana Sangha

Positive Strokes


Positive Strokes was an innovative program by the Youth program in partnership with the Bengaluru Traffic Police as a youth driven Road Safety Campaign aimed at flipping the balance of unsafe to safe drivers by rewarding good road users. The premise of the campaign was that rewarding good behaviour will inspire and motivate greater good behaviour. The program worked on two levels:

Involved youth (people who recently started driving or are about to start driving) who were engaged in identifying good road behaviour. Their involvement in identifying and rewarding good road practices was aimed at fostering positive behaviour within themselves

Good road users were rewarded with a vehicle sticker which was intended to serve as a constant reminder to the driver of the vehicle and a positive influence to other drivers

The program was conducted as a series of events as one campaign every three months for a duration of two weeks each. Each event consisted of the following two parts:

Volunteers at the Traffic Management Centre captured data of good road users and presented them with a commendation letter on behalf of CMCA and the Bengaluru Traffic Police.
Junction Event – identified good road users at busy junctions in the city and presented them with on the spot commendations.

There were two areas identified for long term results of the Positive Strokes programme:

  • To institutionalize Positive Strokes within the Bengaluru Traffic Police
  • To form a forum to identify and chart out problems and identify possible solutions to the program

DSC_9487 Positive Strokes 1  DSC_9628-001 Positive Strokes- Junction Event_Apr 26_M G Rd (13)

Four campaigns > 125 volunteers at Traffic Management Centre> 435 commendations issued

Three junction events > 342 volunteers > 850 spot commendations issued

Anusha Jaishankar won the Ashoka Change Maker award for pioneering Positive Strokes

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