Our Support System

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all our donors , supporters,member schools and volunteers without whose unwavering encouragement it would have been impossible to complete 15 successful years of nurturing active citizens.


Generous support from donors provide the financial and moral support needed to continue our mission.The support of our donors has repeatedly played a key role in our success in creating active citizens.We at CMCA are continually inspired by the dedication and generosity of our donors

Head Office

  1. Bhaskar Bhat
  2. Bosch Limited
  3. Brigade Enterprises Ltd
  4. Mysore City Corporation
  5. Qminds Consulting Global Marketing
  6. R.Jhunjhunwala Foundation
  7. Sundaram Finance Ltd
  8. The Tobaccowala Foundation
  9. Titan Company Ltd
  10. Trijama filteral
  11. Usha Krishnan
  12. Yadavendra Singh Chopra B

Bangalore Private School Program

  1. Aarthi
  2. Baldwin Boys High school
  3. Baldwin Girls High school
  4. Brg C S Krishnamurthi
  5. Capitol Public School
  6. St Francis High School-ICSE
  7. St Francis High School-State
  8. Freedom International school
  9. Dr GK Chandak
  10. Insight Academy
  11. JSS HSR layout
  12. St Marks Public School (Peace valley educational trust)
  13. Mitra Academy
  14. Monga Investments
  15. Preethi
  16. SanDisk
  17. Sherwood High (Unit of Emmar Chiratable trust)
  18. Shobha S
  19. VET School

Bangalore Government Urban School Program

  1. ELCIA Trust

  2. Marda Collection

  3. Monga Investments

  4. Padma Kumar Pillai

  5. Prin. L.N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research

  6. Vrunda Rao Bhaskar

Hosur School Program

  1. Hosur Press Club

  2. JPSR

  3. The Ashok Leyland School

  4. The Titan School

  5. Titan Company Limited

Hubbali Dharward School Program

  1. Adarsh Nagar Welfare Association, Hubli

  2. BVB MBA – seminar hall

  3. BVM Karthik

  4. C.Raviraj

  5. Hubli Accent Round Table – 153

  6. Ms.Namana Harapanahalli

  7. Rotary Club – North

  8. Sri Krishna kalyan mantap

Mumbai School Program

  1. Aditya Menon
  2. Alok Sethi
  3. Ammada Trust
  4. Anil Jayaraj
  5. Arun Katiyar
  6. Ashima Gupta
  7. Ayushakti Ayurved Pvt Ltd
  8. Bhagwan Advani
  9. Bombay International School
  10. Dighi Port Ltd
  11. DTDC Ltd
  12. Hardat Singh
  13. Himatlal & Company
  14. Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
  15. Innerwheel club of Bombay, Bandra
  16. Innerwheel club of Bombay, Seacoast
  17. Jyoti Sagar & Ms. Prema Sagar
  18. Kamlesh Verma
  19. Kiran Shyamsunder Rupani
  20. Krishna Ramanathan
  21. Late S.M. Burhannudin
  22. Lodestar UM
  23. Mahindra and Mahindra Co
  24. Manu Daftary
  25. MET’s Rishikul Vidyalaya
  26. MIV Investment Services Pvt.Ltd.
  27. Mohan Meno
  28. Mohinder Singh
  29. National Insurance co Ltd
  30. Niloufer F. Gorimar
  31. Nithya Parameswaran
  32. Om Sanathana Dharma Trust
  33. Opal Asia India Pvt Ltd
  34. Parle Products Pvt. Ltd
  35. Pradeep K
  36. Prakash Madnani
  37. Rashida Anees
  38. Ravi Mehrotra
  39. Ravi Pisharody & Ms. Anita Pisharody
  40. Rohit Gupta & Mrs. Reena Gupta
  41. Romy Wadhwani
  42. Rotary Club Bombay Charities trust
  43. Rotary club of Bombay Seacoast
  44. Rubberband Group
  45. Sarra Trust
  46. Sharad Jain
  47. Shashidhar Sinha
  48. Sheila Ratnam
  49. Shilputsi Consulting
  50. Suman Widge
  51. Sunil Lulla
  52. Sunil Wadhwani
  53. Suresh Narsappa Talwar
  54. T. Ramachandran
  55. Tata Motors
  56. The J.B. Petit school for Girls
  57. The Tobaccowala Foundation
  58. Vasant Charitable Trust
  59. Wallem Ship Management I pvt ltd
  60. We School
  61. Wealth First advisors Pvt Ltd

Mysuru School Program

  1. Achaya Vidya Kula

  2. Andalus High School

  3. Shree Cauvery Educational Institute

Nagpur School Program

  1. Ambuja Vidya Niketan, Chandrapur

  2. Bhonsala Adventure & Sports Foundation

  3. Deepali Kale

  4. Meghna Khemka

  5. Muskan Kaur

  6. Ms. Tiyana Sarda

  7. Pallavi Upganlawar

  8. Purti Power & Sugar ltd.

  9. Purti Udyog Samuh

  10. Shashi Kanoria

  11. Shefali Shah

  12. Shweta Chadha

  13. Suritex

  14. Urvi Suri

  15. Vinita Kabra

  16. Vinita Maheshwari

CMCA modules of citizenship education are designed as systematic and sustained interventions that are carried out in educational institutions. Our member schools and colleges have welcomed,supported and partnered with us in our journey of transforming our young as active citizens. We are proud to say that over 300 educational institutions are a part of the CMCA eco system.


CMCA’s interventions are volunteer driven making them the life line of the organisation. Lending their time and talent, our volunteers have been incredible agents of change. Their passion and drive towards working with children for a better India inspires us immensely. We have around 300 volunteers and their contribution towards the organisation has been invaluable.


CMCA’s programmes are designed to be carried out in a systematic and sustained manner and requires a committed and disciplined team. Our partners in various cities have welcomed and supported us in our cause of transforming children into concerned, humane citizens of our country.

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